Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki

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I understand the unique needs of my customers and have designed my Crystal Reiki service to address those needs and provide a truly alluring and transformative experience. Combining the power of Reiki with the sacred energy of crystals, I offer a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery.


Before the session, I'll reach out to you at least an hour in advance to understand your desired outcome and intention for the crystal grid. This allows me the time to carefully select and create a customized crystal grid that aligns with your specific needs.


The combination of Reiki and crystals helps to balance your energy centers, release blockages, and promote healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation, peace, and harmony as the crystal vibrations work in synergy with Reiki energy.

I believe in the importance of continued connection and support, so I leave the crystal grid up for three days following your session. This allows you to remain connected to the transformative power of the crystals and their vibrations, providing ongoing assistance with your intention.

Take the first step towards a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Book your 1-hour session with me now and experience the benefits of Crystal Reiki.

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