Crystal’s Helping Rays

Find your Peace, Love, & Sunshine

Hello and Welcome!

My desire in life is to help others find their Inner Light.

As a survivor of a near fatal accident, I have faced many physical and emotional challenges. Through these adventures, my empathy and compassion have grown.

My wish is to offer a safe, calm connection and share healing energy with those facing their own challenges. My intention is to help all that I can at an affordable price.

Energetic Help Offerings

Discovery Call
Learn more about Distant Reiki and the other healing modalities I offer. Let’s discover what resonates the highest for you.

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Distant Reiki

What is Distant Reiki?

The same Love and Light, the same gentle healing energy as hands on Reiki. It is shared instantly, from any distance, near or far. Like calling an old friend to say

“Hello. I love you.”

Enjoy Distant Reiki in the comfort of your own space. Snuggle under your favorite, cozy blanket and play some soothing sounds.

Let the healing begin