4 Reviews

Lisa Heggen Carr

12 April 2023

12 April


Crystal is a blessing to our entire family. Someone is sick? Message Crystal. Someone going through a challenge? Message Crystal. Is it a magical day on the ast...
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Sarah Taylor

02 November 2022

02 November


I reached out to Crystal's Helping Rays for some relief from anxiety due to a surgery I was to have. I scheduled my Reiki an hour before surgery. I could feel t...
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Riley Johnson

04 May 2022

04 May


Crystal cultivated a safe, healing space and I  felt a powerful healing force the second I hopped on the zoom call just being in her presence; and that was befo...
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Havina GoodThyme

05 February 2022

05 February


I have had such an amazing introduction to the healing power of Reiki through Crystal. Her kind, gentle and soothing energy is very much appreciated. She has be...
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