A Special Day of Gratitude

Today, i am grateful for Water.

All forms of water.

The water that came from my bathtub faucet this morning.

The water that is falling from the grey sky this afternoon.

The water that was frozen into invisible, black ice 20 some years ago.

You see, today is the anniversary of the day I should have died. Instead, I changed.

I changed my outlook on the world.

I changed my perception of others.

I changed my vision on my life.

Today, on this astounding anniversary. I am reminded of how far I have come. Of all the terrible trauma I have faced and overcome. I have shed tears and I have released more of the energy that served me once but no longer does.

A nice, hot bath with Sea Salt for cleansing, Cinnamon for protection, and CBD bubble bath for relaxation and Self Reiki for release.

I stood outside by my favorite tree. It sheltered me from the rain as I offered it Reiki, in return. Nature’s greatest gift of cleansing in the desert.

As I listened to the rain, under the branches and leaves, I was reminded of all that i am grateful for in these extra 20 years. My strong, supportive, loving family (who had their own fears to struggle through). My forever Partner in Adventure who loves me and drives me almost anywhere I want to go. All the phenomenal friends I have made who don’t mind that I’m a little extra effort sometimes.

All the experiences, good, bad, and in between. They all brought me lessons and growth. Without them, I wouldn’t be me. And, I kinda like me.

To show my appreciation for all the joys and sorrows of these extra years…

To express my gratitude for all the stellar people I have met along the way and will meet in the future…

I’m offering 1/2 off Gift Certificates! From now until Dec. 21, you can snag as many as you would like for Holiday gifts or for yourself.



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