Eliminating Self Doubt

Good morning, Sunshines!

Today is going to be a good day.

I was inspired about 10 days ago to create this on TikTok. I was simply having fun and playing around. Shh! I have very little idea what I’m doing when it comes to social media…

I didn’t post it. I would change this or that. Then save it in drafts again. I’d tell myself I would post it the next day, right away in the morning!

But, then…

I wouldn’t. I really do give myself the best excuses.

And, then…

I started listening to this. Eliminate Self Doubt? Yes, please!

I also started focusing my Self Reiki at night on my Solar Plexus. Releasing all those blocks that create self doubt, thus opening space for greater confidence.

You’ll never guess what happened next…

I made one little change and it was perfectly silly and happy enough for me. Ok. You probably guessed that…

I didn’t put any hash tags with it. Just put it out there for whoever would find it. In the first day? Almost 600 views!

So, it’s been a few days. I’m sharing it to my IG and here. I’m continuing to listen to the 852 hz while I sleep and I’m learning. Jn a world of social media, I don’t have to be perfect. (none of us are) It’s also perfectly OK if the majority of people don’t get me.

Sometimes, I don’t get me either.

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