“I recently tried reiki. It was my first time and it felt so strange… I mean good strange. It was like a massage but without touch. I can highly recommend @crystalshelpingrays if you would like to have an amazing session!”

-Maria (@bluemooncrystalshop)

“The time flew by during the session!I had a timed sound bath and when it turned off, I thought for sure something had happened. It felt at times like after a long train ride or jumping on a trampoline and then getting off but still feeling like you were moving. I also felt flutters here and there. It was very gentle and calm. Thank you!!!


“I did doze off at maybe the 10 or 15 m8nute mark. I felt a very gentle and calm feeling. I felt sensation mostly around my head. My neck tingled the most but also my lips and forehead. Lips actually felt plump with tingles if that makes any kind of sense 😊”


If you would like to view more reviews, click here.

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