Thank you for choosing Crystal’s Helping Rays. I am so excited to help you find your Peace, Love, and Sunshine!

Distant Reiki

The same Love and Light, the same gentle, healing energy as hands on Reiki. It is shared instantly, from any distance, near or far. Like calling an old friend to say “Hello. I love you”.

Enjoy Distant Reiki in the comfort of your own space. Snuggle under your favorite cozy blanket and play some soothing sounds. Let the healing begin.

Crystal Reiki Grid

Do you wish to enhance your intuition? In need of protection? Dream of greater abundance?

Allow me to create a specific grid of crystals to help you achieve your desires. This grid will be infused with Reiki to elevate your intention for the greatest and highest good.

Reiki Teapot

Imagine a beautiful teapot filled with unlimited Reiki. Feeling stressed? Need a little extra boost or help with an intention? Have a cup of tea or coffee! This Reiki Teapot will splash in some Reiki for your greatest and highest good.

Reiki Box

A Reiki Box is a small box filled with crystals, usually rose quartz and green apophylite for love and uplifting energy and names written on paper. I sit with this Box every day for 5 – 10 minutes. Sharing a small dose of Reiki to each of the people listed within.

Reiki Box

Distant Reiki + Ho’oponopono

A double whammy of healing!

Reiki is a gentle and relaxing healing technique. For those looking for a bit more, I can integrate Ho’oponopono into the session.

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