Who am I?

Hello. I’m Crystal. It’s nice to finally meet you. Join me as I share a bit of my story…

I am a mostly sunny person. (We all have our partly cloudy, sometimes stormy days.)

I am a wanderer. A traveler, of sorts. I left South Dakota (where I spent most of my first 30+ years) in 2013. My Partner, Eric (he was a slightly more partly cloudy back then) were off on an adventure! We packed our bags and moved to the Gulf side of Florida.

We can now say we have lived on the prairie, by the ocean, in the mountains, and a desert. We have even toured the USA in a truck.

Here are a few of my other favorite things…

I love music. Being outside in nature. The sun and the moon. Most of all, I love spreading sunshine and helping others.

It hasn’t always been sunshine and smiles for me. When I was 19, my life was changed for ever. If you’d like, you can watch my IG series about it starting with the video below. There were gallons of tears (by far, my least favorite salt water) and many struggles.


There were more personal victories and accomplishments than I can count. I became a better person.

I have always been a helper. After that experience, my wish to help others who are struggling deepened. Eventually I found my way to Reiki.

This amazing gentle healing technique has helped me work through the trauma I was still carrying from my accident. It has helped me to calm my overactive, easily distracted mind. I am so grateful to have this tool to use at any time.

After 3+ years of Self Reiki and sharing it with my family, friends, and Eric (a Combat Vet), I have decided this is the perfect way for me to help others find their Peace, Love, and Sunshine.

Join me if you’d like to learn more. More importantly, thank you for allowing me the time to share a little about me.

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